Why Go West?

The members of the Western Boarding Schools Association combine the most remarkably diverse range of educational opportunities of any association of schools in North America. None are alike except in one aspect....an exceptional educational experience that extends beyond the classroom.


Imagine exploring the Wasatch Mountains, white water rafting in the Sierra Nevadas, rock climbing in Joshua Tree, researching marine life in the tide pools of Monterey Bay or skiing in British Columbia with your classmates.

Imagine the opportunity to take a college-level course in the subject you love, conduct research, or participate in an academic partnership with The Claremont Colleges, Stanford, CalTech, Univ. of British Columbia, Rice Univ., UCLA, UC Berkeley or one of many other top-ranked colleges and universities. 

Imagine attending school on the Pacific rim with its remarkable ethnic and cultural mix and easy access to Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. All this in proximity to world class cities where innovation and technology mix seamlessly with the world's cultures.

Imagine a boarding school with the best of education and inclusive, supportive communities. Western boarding schools cultivate your unique vision for what you could do with your life, for a future that reflects your individual talents, interests, and role in the global community.

What Exactly is Boarding School?

A boarding school is a private high school where at the end of the day, you don't want to go home and leave your friends, and you don't have to. You live on a beautiful, residential campus with your classmates and teachers, study in small classes under the direction of great faculty, and spend your afternoons and weekends immersed in exciting sports, extracurriculars, and social activities. Your teachers may offer additional office hours or study sessions, or lead a weekend excursion to a museum, beach, sporting event, or a hike. Boarding schools are generally called "college preparatory" schools, and there are a number of features that set boarding schools apart from traditional public and private day schools. 


You'll Learn a Lot.


For starters, the educational experience is second to none. Highly qualified and passionate teachers. A diverse curriculum that allows you to explore your interests. Small classes—which means you'll interact more with your classmates and instructors. With a mix of independent and collaborative work that takes place in the classroom as well as outside of it, your educational opportunities will prepare you for college and beyond. 

While our campuses provide all that you need within the community, seeing and exploring the surrounding area is an equally important part of your experience. 


You'll Make Lifelong Friends.

continue current passions while exploring new ones

Boarding schools offer a variety of activities ranging from sports, to the arts, to student-led clubs and organizations. These co-curriculars are built into your everyday program and are structured so that you can balance your schoolwork and participate in your favorite activities. Your involvement not only develops you in a specific area, but also helps you grow in your confidence, teamwork, creativity, and leadership, while strengthening community. Your day might include water polo practice and a DEI club meeting, or a dance rehearsal and a robotics competition. You might listen to a guest speaker discuss relevant issues surrounding health and wellness, diversity, or global access to education. All boarding school students are involved in their campus communities in one way or another, growing in areas they are already passionate about, and exploring new things too. 


You'll live on campus with your classmates and friends who come from across the country and around the world. Your teachers will not only teach you in your courses, but in life too, as they serve as mentors and role models, challenging you to grow You will build meaningful friendships with an international community as you live, study, and grow together. Through these relationships you will experience a rich variety of culture that will prepare you to live and work in the global economy. These friendships will follow you throughout your life, wherever it takes you.

You'll Have Room to Grow.

Grow in maturity and develop independence

Boarding schools give you freedom and independence to grow and develop, while still offering you the structure and support you need to be challenged and motivated by teachers and mentors who care about you. Many teachers live on campus with their families, and understand the trust your parents place in them to serve as in loco parentis. Your teachers provide you with guidance and accountability, in addition to teaching you your class material.

You will grow as a young adult, developing healthy relationships with your peers and adults, managing your schedule and taking ownership of your studies, learning to take healthy risks in new sports, activities, or outdoor adventures, ultimately preparing for life in college and beyond.


You'll Shape Your Future.

Boarding school graduates go on to do great things.

And last but not least, boarding schools prepare you for the future. Boarding school graduates go to top colleges and universities, and many continue their studies in graduate school. With developed skills such as teamwork, communication, critical thinking, and more, boarding school grads are highly successful in their professional careers, and care about their communities and the greater world around them. 


A rare opportunity.

So, you're probably thinking, what's the trade off—being thousands of miles away from my family and friends? Not necessarily. As you'll discover on this site, you can find boarding schools within a short distance of nearly every major metropolitan city. There really aren't many downsides to boarding schools, but definitely a lot of upsides.

For more information about the benefits of a boarding school education, visit www.boardingschools.com.