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Mount Pleasant, UT

Wasatch Academy

Wasatch Academy
Boarding, Grades 8-12

Founded in 1875, Wasatch Academy is a richly diverse community of boarding students, faculty, and staff. The campus is home to students from more than 30 countries and 35 states, providing a unique opportunity for students seeking to be fully immersed in American culture while becoming a part of a global community.

The courses provided throughout the school year blend project-based learning and a specialized one-on-one educational approach. This approach is proven to prepare students for university, career, and life. Lesson plans are molded to fit each unique student aiming not only to help them understand information, but also to learn invaluable life skills in critical thinking, communication, creativity, and innovation.

Every student has an advisor that provides academic, social, and personal support. As you grow intellectually and socially, you come to understand yourself, gain confidence in your abilities, and envision the places you will go.

Living together around the clock with teachers, coaches, dorm parents, and friends allow for an enriching, life-changing experience. Full-time dorm parents regularly teach about making safe, wise decisions, staying healthy, and building good character.

The clean and safe location of Mount Pleasant, Utah, allows students to focus on academic pursuits during the week and enjoy weekends filled with numerous activities. Students can enjoy Utah's great outdoor recreation as well as various cultural, recreational, and service-based activities in nearby cities and local areas.

At Wasatch Academy, students pursue their passions, find their purpose, and discover a sense of who they are.

Project-Based Learning
Experiential learning is dedicated to bridging the gap between classroom knowledge and real-world experiences. Through this framework, our students combine their classroom education with outdoor adventures, community service, international trips, sustainability initiatives, and other unique opportunities to create a broad assembly of learning techniques.

Learning Center
A program designed for all types of students, the Wasatch Academy Learning Center aims to construct a positive community of learners appreciated for their unique abilities and guided on their paths to academic and social success.

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