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San Antonio, TX

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TMI - The Episcopal School of Texas
Boarding, Grades 9-12

Welcome to TMI Episcopal! TMI has been a part of shaping the lives of many distinguished figures in history, both in San Antonio and abroad. It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to our school, and I invite you to visit our beautiful campus to see for yourself the wonderful community and experience that TMI has to offer.

Our school’s mission is focused on developing lifelong servant leaders, following the teachings of Jesus Christ, while providing students with an excellent educational community in which to be challenged and prepared for prestigious four-year colleges and universities, service academies, and studies abroad. The passion and commitment of our faculty helps students to develop their full potential and give them opportunities in service and leadership.

The core values that guide our school center on wisdom, integrity, service, excellence, and reverence. Faculty, staff, and students strive for character, living by the TMI Honor Code. Faculty share their passion for every subject and nurture students to develop intellectual curiosity. We strive for devotion, to grow in our relationship with the Source and Meaning of our existence, living as a community that reveres God by respecting others and preserving our natural world. Through service, we teach our students empathy and compassion while excellence is carried out in everything we do, from the athletic field to the classroom.

I hope you'll join us in this commitment to our children’s future by becoming a part of the TMI community.

Innovation & Creativity
Since 1893, TMI remains a leader of innovation and design thinking–an approach to learning and serving, reflected in our Episcopal roots, that develops academically-prepared and empathetic leaders to their fullest potential. The Walker Innovation Center provides our community with a dedicated space where our commitment to educating servant leaders comes to life. The student-driven projects that happen here will impact the world. 

Spirituality at TMI
Spirituality and character development are at the very center of all that we do at TMI. It is the beating heart of our community, inspiring our students and faculty to move to the rhythm of compassion, justice, joy, peace, meaning, and purpose.

The University of Texas, Austin, Cornell University, Rice University, Harvard University,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Baylor University, University of Notre Dame, Yale University, U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Military Academy

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