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Ojai, CA

The Thacher School
Boarding, Grades 9-12

The Thacher School is anything but typical. Here, students encounter a combination they won’t find anywhere else: demanding academics, tough character-building challenges, and a healthy, authentic community culture that supports them every step of the way. It’s how Thacher succeeds in shaping resilient, compassionate, and ambitious young men and women who are prepared to take on the challenges of today’s world.

Everything we do here is guided by a set of deeply held convictions that you can learn more about by visiting our campus in Ojai, California. Convictions that have been tested, improved, and validated by research. Convictions that add up to the simple truth that high school can and should be a thrilling adventure.

The Thacher Horse Program 
Tenacity, self-confidence, humility, patience, and so much more are gained as students face the challenge of a new riding technique or a stubborn horse and take full responsibility for the animal’s care. Students are confronted with real work and real responsibility—day in and day out, rain or shine, they are expected to muck their horses’ stalls before class in the morning, learn and hone riding skills in the afternoon, and feed their horses every evening. Most have never ridden before.

The Outdoor Program 
This philosophy has been part of our identity since our founding, when Mr. Thacher invited students to prepare for Eastern colleges with his unique mix of “out of door life and study.” The formula has endured because it works, punctuating a demanding academic term with opportunities for reflection, fresh challenges, and a deep connection to nature. Group travel in the backcountry offers an unrivalled laboratory for young people as they learn how to lead and how to follow, how to care for themselves and how to care for others.

Colorado College, Dartmouth, University of Southern California, Occidental College, Stanford University, Yale University, Santa Clara University, Scripps College, University of Chicago, Claremont McKenna College, Georgetown University, Northwestern University, Pomona College, University of Pennsylvania

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