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Medford, OR

St. Mary's School
Boarding, Grades 7-12

St. Mary's School is an independent boarding and day school located in southern Oregon's Rogue River Valley. Infusing intellectual curiosity, academic excellence, and democratic values, St. Mary's School provides an inspirational atmosphere that propels students into responsible citizenship - locally, nationally, and globally.

The St. Mary's Mod System
Something Extraordinary. We believe that students learn best when they are invested, and what better way to encourage kids than to give them some choices in their studies? High school students choose from over 20 courses per bin, per mod. Some quick math yields some pretty powerful numbers: St. Mary’s will schedule well over 500 classes for the 2021-2022 school year. And what does that mean? Literally no two student transcripts will look the same. Each student will forge his or her own educational path, but all of them will point toward success! Students will dive deep into three 90-minute classes and one 45-minute special interest class over 26 days. There are seven of these 26-day modules over the course of a year. Students and teachers have 90 minutes to explore, discuss, experiment and delve into the subject matter. The longer class periods allow for more experiential learning through expanded labs, collaborative projects, field trips, and off-campus opportunities. Students will only have homework from the three 90-minute classes, giving them more time for other activities. Instead of rushing to the next class, students and teachers get long breaks between each of the day’s core classes. The breaks between classes give students time for assemblies, meetings with advisors, extra help, as well as extracurricular activities and sports. They give teachers more time to meet with students and prepare for their next class.

Mod Abroad
St. Mary's School is proud to offer our students an array of both domestic and international travel opportunities. Among the more traditional trips such as our East Coast or Deep South options for 8th graders, St. Mary's has educational exchanges with cities in Germany and Argentina for an entire mod, or our Mod Abroad class, which allows for three weeks of study and two weeks traveling abroad. Prior Mod Abroad destinations include: Spain, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia Future Mod Abroad destinations: Japan, Spain, Argentina

University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, Santa Clara University, Middlebury College, Georgetown University, Lewis & Clark College, Rutgers University, Scripps College, Vassar College, Gonzaga, UCLA, Baylor University, Northeastern University, University of Notre Dame, Bowdoin College, Brown University, California Polytechnic State University, University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Villanova University, Seton Hall University, Reed College, Boston College, University of Washington

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