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Ojai, CA

Oak Grove School
Boarding, Grades 9-12

Oak Grove School is a pre-K through grade 12 day and residential learning community nestled in the heart of the Ojai Valley. The mission of Oak Grove School is to assist students in developing those qualities of mind, heart, and body that will enable them to function with excellence, care, and responsibility in the modern world. In addition, it is the intention of the school to offer a place where the whole community can inquire together into the perennial questions of humankind and explore an approach to life that is whole, mindful, and intelligent.

Oak Grove High School cultivates an education centered on inquiry and self-awareness. Our school culture is caring, inclusive, and holistic, and we recognize and value each and every member of the school community. At Oak Grove we approach teaching, learning, and living as an art form – The Art of Living and Learning. Our dedicated High School faculty will help you tap into your interests and explore your natural creativity. Students develop life-long practices of intellectual discipline, good communication, self-reflection, understanding, and clear thinking. We offer a challenging college-preparatory curriculum that is approved by the University of California and is designed to exceed admissions requirements for the most rigorous and selective universities across the country. All Oak Grove High School students select from a number of fine and performing arts electives which encourage and support the development of an aesthetic sense toward all art forms as well as integrate and honor individual student interests and passions.

Oak Grove’s residential program reimagines the High School boarding experience. Set in the peaceful and beautiful Ojai Valley, just 90 minutes from Los Angeles, Oak Grove offers flexible 7-day boarding to domestic and international students in 9th through 12th grades. Our family-style boarding facility provides a safe and friendly living and learning environment. Because some boarders live within an hour or two from Ojai, weekends can be spent with family, if desired.

Outdoor Education and Travel Program
Oak Grove’s Outdoor Education and Travel Program at the High School level offers opportunities to learn from nature, build lasting friendships, feel comfortable and secure in the outdoors, and become active stewards of the environment. Integrating outdoor experiences and curriculum at every level creates a balanced, well-rounded, and vital learning environment. Students learn the skills of increasing independence, cooperation, and teamwork, and the ability to spend time in nature without the stimulus of electronics.

Art, Music, and Electives
High School electives provide a wide variety of creative exploration. Whether it’s expanding skills in an area of interest or trying something for the first time, all levels of interest are supported with students and teachers learning from one another in an atmosphere of fun and deep learning. Our schedule allows students to choose two different electives each semester, allowing students to experience up to 16 different electives during their four years of high school.

Senior India Trip
Beginning in early childhood, OGS students understand they are part of something bigger than their classrooms, and that we all share responsibility for our global community. Nowhere is this better expressed than in the annual month-long senior trip to India. Oak Grove seniors visit our sister Krishnamurti schools in Chennai, Rishi Valley, and Bangalore, as well as travel to cities and rural communities, participating in the daily life of Oak Grove’s sister schools and volunteering for projects such as environmental sustainability or reforestation efforts. Preparation and follow-up for the trip are incorporated into the student’s interdisciplinary English and World Cultures courses and are a culminating rite of passage for Oak Grove High School students. A community service project is also a fundamental part of this trip’s purpose. Past graduates of Oak Grove describe the lasting effects of their travel experience in India, especially focusing on the sense of gratitude they continue to carry with them, the awareness of taking nothing for granted, and the desire to live more simply.

University of California (Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz), Lewis and Clark College, Willamette University, Bard College, New York University, California State Polytechnic University, Colorado College, California College of Art, Pepperdine University, Johns Hopkins University, Boston University, Colorado College

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