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Los Olivos, CA

Midland School
Boarding, Grades 9-12

Midland School, located on a 2,860-acre ranch at the edge of the Los Padres National Forest, has been the leader of place-based and experiential college preparatory education since 1932. Everything we do—from the courses we choose to teach to how we maintain our campus to the way we feed ourselves—originates from an intentional curriculum that focuses not only on college preparatory classes, but also on leadership, community, and stewardship. Our scale empowers students with authentic leadership opportunities, provides highly personalized learning, and inspires the pursuit of intellectual passions.

At Midland, thirty-eight percent of our students identify as students of color, over half receive generous financial aid to attend, and the depth of our boarding experience facilitates both top-tier college admissions and future success.

Natural Horsemanship
The Midland Horse Program is rooted in the principles of natural horsemanship. We focus on horse behavior, working with the horse on the ground and building confidence in both horse and rider to develop a partnership. We build on purpose-based riding to develop skills by teaching how to communicate with lightness and feel. We also enjoy Midland’s 35 miles of trails through ranch-related activities and horse camping trips.

Jobs Program
Through our jobs program Midland students develop self-reliance, authentic leadership skills, and a sense of responsibility to one another and their community. In fact, every aspect of Midland’s daily operation is supported by our students, from washing dishes to picking veggies on the farm. Upperclassmen progressively step into leadership roles as job heads and mentor younger students to internalize the benefits of teamwork and seeing a job through to completion.

UC Berkeley, Williams, Pomona, Colorado College, Whitman, Cal Poly SLO, Kenyon, Bowdoin

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