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Bellevue, WA

Forest Ridge School
Boarding, Grades 8-12 

Since our founding in 1907, Forest Ridge has empowered girls to find their voices, inspired girls to discover their interests and prepared girls to lead with confidence, changing the world—one girl at a time. Educating girls has never been more important than it is today, and our strategic framework paves a bold and brave path for our future as we work to deepen our commitment to our mission, expand our programming opportunities and establish ourselves as the premier independent girls’ school in the Pacific Northwest. The four strategic initiatives outlined in the Framework—Reimagine Community; Ignite Curiosity, Creativity and Purpose; Invest in Our Educators and Secure A Vibrant Future—provide guidance and areas of focus for 2021-2026, while remaining responsive to our rapidly changing educational landscape.

At Forest Ridge, We Know Girls.
Our small size ensures that each girl is known personally – both her strengths and her weaknesses. We support our students both in and out of the classroom, always challenging them to perform at their full potential. Each student is assigned an advisor who oversees her academic and social-emotional needs and collaborates with all of her teachers to ensure her success. Our small class sizes promote deep connections and life-long friendships, while our House program gives girls a sense of belonging, allowing students to build camaraderie across grade levels.

Our association with the Sacred Heart network of schools, the National Coalition of Girls Schools and the Northwest Association of Independent Schools ensures that our faculty and staff receive high-quality professional development and adhere to best practices in education. Our teachers are experts in their fields and are given the time and space to share their expertise with their students.

Sacred Heart Network Exchange Program
Forest Ridge is steeped in a 200-year-old Sacred Heart tradition that anchors the community and connects it to 150 schools worldwide. Our students can participate in Sacred Heart Network Exchange. Students travel to one of our sister schools both domestically and abroad for a 4 – 6 week period. More than 50% of our graduates have participated in the exchange experience.

AIS – Senior Capstone class
Going beyond traditional classroom limits... Advanced Integrated Studies (AIS) is a unique opportunity for students in their senior year to explore a topic of interest beyond the classroom. AIS challenges students to gain a deeper understanding of a social, political or ethical issue; to investigate a topic in science or technology; or to explore the experience of artistic expression. This experience is designed to encourage students to think critically and creatively, solve problems, and develop skills of public speaking, research, media literacy, planning, self-sufficiency, and goal setting: skills that will help prepare students for college careers and adult life. This self-directed, optional experience requires an extended process of inquiry that is interdisciplinary and may include community service, a mentorship or an internship component. Guidance is provided by a faculty advisor and a mentor with knowledge or expertise in the chosen topic area. At the heart of this Experience are: the proposal, the research paper; the product such as a performance or a demonstration; reflection, and the culminating presentation.

Baylor University, Boston University, College of William and Mary, Drexel University, Elon University, Fordham University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, John Hopkins University, Northwestern University, Oberlin College, Pratt Institute, Rhode Island School of Design, Tufts University, university of California at Davis, University of California of Los Angeles, University of Washington, Wellesley College

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