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Canyonville Academy is a college prep Christian boarding school nestled in the beautiful mountains of Southern Oregon. Canyonville Academy offers day classes for the local community and boarding facilities for grades 9 through 12, with college prep, Dual Enrollment opportunities and ESL curriculum.  Canyonville's beautiful, redwood tree-covered campus is nestled in the Oregon mountains far from the distractions and dangers of big city life. The campus sits on the edge of town within walking distance to the bank, post office, restaurants, and market. A lovely stream flows through the middle of campus.The student teacher ratio at Canyonville Academy is approximately 9:1.

Founded in 1924 by Rev. A.M. Shaffer, Canyonville Academy is one of the oldest Christian boarding schools in the western United States. Our dedicated Christian faculty places strong emphasis on developing our students’ character and enhancing their life skills.

Centrally located in southern Oregon near the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains, Canyonville Academy is within easy driving range both of Ashland’s Shakespearean Theatre and the city of Eugene, which is the home of the University of Oregon Ducks and the Hult Center for the Performing Arts. Numerous cultural and recreational trips are planned each year to these areas and other locations such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Canyonville Academy graduates have gone on to MIT, Harvard Business School, Columbia University, Oxford (UK) University, University of London-King’s College, Penn State, University of California at Berkley, UCLA, and more than a hundred other major universities around the world. Alumni include the president of Toledo University, president of Northwest College and Wesley (Australia) Institute. Alumni also include senior White House staff member to George H.W. Bush.

Dual Enrollment
Students can earn up to an associates degree while still in high school saving both time and money. In today’s world, this gives our students a competitive edge to completing their Bachelors’ degree much sooner. By using our Dual Enrollment program, qualifying students can earn their Master’s degree almost 2 years before traditional high school students. Dual Enrollment assists parents by saving time and money thus shortening the time spent in University for the students.

Online School
Fully online, this option works best for those who are unable to travel yet, or parents feel safer having their student home for another year. Earn High School Credits Affordable. Half and Half - First semester online, second semester on campus. This option works well for those students who 1. are unable to get a visa for the fall entry, or 2. have difficulty getting flights out of their country. Very affordable, and our most popular option.

Harvard Business School, MIT, University of Oregon, Boston College, George Fox University, Stony Brook University, Oregon State University

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