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Danville, CA


Athenian School
Boarding, Grades 9-12

The Athenian School believes that the best way to master academic subjects is to experience their application first hand. In our rigorous academic program, talented students from San Francisco’s East Bay and around the world immerse themselves deeply in course work, inspiring each other to think critically, problem solve, and collaborate as global citizens.

On Athenian’s 75-acre campus of rolling hills at the base of Mt. Diablo, classes average 15 students. Our residential community of 130 includes boarding students and faculty families from fifteen countries and five continents. Nearby find plentiful shopping, movies, and restaurants. Within an hour lies Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco with its international airport.

An Athenian education expands students’ horizons, through international experiences, community service, a required wilderness program, engineering, robotics, and more. Students enjoy strong fine and performing arts as well as vital athletic teams and physical education activities. They build problem solving and cross-cultural skills, developing their vision for a life of purpose and personal fulfilment. Athenian students do well and do good. Athenian graduates thrive at the colleges of their choice and are poised for a life of intellectual adventure and meaningful contribution. This is education as it should be.

Experiential Learning and Problem Solving
Athenian teaches differently, engaging students actively in problem solving and collaboration, and developing valuable skills that benefit our graduates in college, career and life. Our student-centered learning extends beyond the classroom to extensive international programs, the Carter Innovation Studio, and the amazing Athenian Wilderness Experience. An Athenian education is transformative, preparing students for lives of purpose, fulfillment, and contribution to a better future for all.

The Athenian Wilderness Experience
All students complete The Athenian Wilderness Experience (AWE) in grade 11, a graduation requirement. In this backpacking and hiking experience, students build important skills for their future: stepping beyond their comfort zone, supporting others in their group, resiliency, perseverance, and problem solving. Athenian graduates say that AWE stands out as one of the most valuable experiences that they return to for inspiration.

UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, UC Davis, UCLA, Boston University, Columbia University, New York University, USC, Tufts, Occidental College, Santa Clara University

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