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  • 5 and 7-Day Boarding
  • Advanced Placement
  • Advanced Topics
  • Co-Ed
  • English Support
  • High School
  • Religious Affiliation

San Francisco, CA

Archbishop Riordan High School
Boarding, Grades 9-12

Archbishop Riordan High School, an Archdiocesan Catholic High School in the Marianist tradition, prepares young men and women for leadership and lifelong success by providing education imbued with Catholic Marianist values of faith, community, inclusivity, service and justice through its rigorous college preparatory curriculum, house system, and co-curricular activities.

Honors Engineering
We offer 4 year Honors and Advanced Placement courses that are intensive in Computer and Mechanical Engineering.

This is a 4 Year Program that is a High School version of Pre-Med. Students take Human Body Systems, Forensic Medicine, and Advanced Placement opportunities.

Stanford, UC-Berkeley, NYU, Columbia, UCLA, Dartmouth, Michigan, John Hopkins, Illinois, Carnegie Mellon

  • California